Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Albums to take on a deserted Island: By Royce Chambers

John Coltrane:  “Giant Steps”:  Revolutionized chord changes and blistering tempos make this one of the finest recordings of any kind ever made.

Miles Davis:  “Kind of Blue”: The largest selling jazz record of all time, this record established the “cool school”, which is also identified as “west coast” jazz.  This record focused on very simple modal chords, a departure from his earlier recordings.

Art Tatum Solo Sessions:  This blind pianist’s virtuosity is captured in these masterpieces.  Tatum is still regarded as the most technically proficient jazz pianist of all time.

Bill Evans: “Everybody Digs Bill Evans”:  Includes his most famous recording “Peace Piece”, which was improvised in the studio.  The Machine just happened to be running, and you can even hear the drummer adjusting equipment in the background.

Dave Brubeck:  “Take Five”:  A landmark recording exploring odd time signatures and unusual structures.  Brubeck is also known for incorporating a European jazz approach in his improvisations, i.e., the use of classical influences and heavy handed chord voicings.

Record Labels:  Blue Note; Verve; Half Note; Concord; Impulse; Black Lion; Sharp Nine; Naxos;