Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ways to become a better musician

Here are a few ideas that I had that will improve your musicianship:

-Listen to a variety of different artists.  Explore other genres of music.  Listen to different instruments.

-Devote a certain time of the day to practice each day

-Get real organized about your practice.  Devote certain amounts of time to specific areas, such as 15 mins on arpeggios, or 10 mins on chords.

-Start working with a metronome. Learn how to play along with it.  Try different rhythms or strum patterns with it.

-Learn new musical terms. Learn new chord/scale/arpeggio families.

-Read up on music history, watch a music documentary. 

-Try learning a second instrument

-Play with other people. Everyone has something to share, if nothing else, what not to do.  Jam with people, create jam sessions, or better yet, get in a band.  In fact, if you have never been in a band you should get in with one as soon as possible.

-Take lessons from everyone. Get a broad education. I've had countless instructors and each one had a different perspective on things. Sometimes one would have a better way of explaining a topic than a previous instructor.