Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Networking and Creating a Community

    It has been said that its not who you are, its who you know.  In my experiences, that has always been true. I once saw a documentary on a famous actor in which he kept a notebook that was filled with contacts he had made over the years.  The pages had states written on the top such as Nebraska and under that he had all of his Nebraska contacts listed. 
    Networking is essential to survive in life.  When I was in college studying music I bought a recipe box and took all the recipe cards out and had all the (good) musicians I knew write down their names, numbers, and addresses along with what instrument they played.  I still have that box of contacts and from time to time I've had to rely on it.
    Another thing that I recommend is to get your own business cards. Mine had my name and what instruments I played along with all of my contact information on them.  These were great when I was out and about meeting different people. You never know who you will run into, so its better to be prepared and personal business cards are more professional than writing down your name on a piece of paper.