Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music is Personal

          Music is personal.  Everyone has different reasons for liking something.  Not everyone is going to appreciate, (insert musician of choice here), nor are they going to feel as passionate about them as you do.  Growing up, I found it hard to comprehend how my friends could not like the same artists that I did.  I hated what they listened to and found it absurd that they didn't like who I liked to listen to.  There were even times where I would ask myself "Seriously, do they choose the most horrendous stuff to listen to, on purpose?"
       The thing is to realize is that music is personal. I learned this from one of my mentors in college when I gave him a cd to check out and he couldn't stand it. I asked why, and he simply said "music is personal".  In other words the music you like might not move someone in the way that it moves you.
         Personally, I prefer instrumental music. I would have to say that most of my music collection is instrumental stuff. That is to say that I like to listen to the actual composition, however, if I do listen to music with lyrics, I like them to make sense and I want them to have a theme and meaning, not some trite topic.  One of my personal pet peeves is when someone says "man that's so deep even I don't understand it"  To me there's true creativity and then there's those who just put something out there that is total BS.  With this being said, I like to say that there is art in everything and there is also crap in everything. Ultimately, its up to you to discern between what is art and what is crap.
         Also, you will discover that as time goes by, your tastes will change.  I used to say that I liked everything except rap and country. After a few years began saying I liked everything except rap.  Nowadays I listen to everything from Snoop Dogg to John Coltrane to the Allman Brothers to Metallica to Cole Porter.  The Best advice I can give you is to check all genres out.  Its like watching movies. Do you only like comedies or do you watch other types too? Do you also like romance, westerns, horror, etc...?  Get the idea? You don't limit yourself on movies, food, clothes,etc... then why would you limit your musical tastes?