Sunday, October 31, 2010


How often do you take the time to actually listen to music?  As a musician I highly recommend devoting a specific time of the day for just listening to music.  One of my friends even likes to listen to music in the dark, His logic is that music is an aural art and therefore he doesn't want to focus on anything else but what hes listening to.  I agree and actually got this idea from him, I do this all the time but where he and I differ is that I always am listening to music,  every chance I get, in the car, while Im doing manual labor, house cleaning, etc...

    Another friend of mine likes to lay down in the dark, put on some Coltrane and burn some incense.  I have yet to try the incense thing, but I will say Coltrane is great in the dark.  I like to just listen and let the music take me where it does.  I mainly do this with jazz albums but there are a few other genres that are good for this as well, such as world music or Indian music such as Ravi Shankar.