Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I Practice

I like to think of my musical knowledge as a dictionary in my head.  Ill spend time working on the following categories:  Chords, Scales, Arpeggios

Here's how I practice these.  Ill start with chords, playing through all the chord families i know such as major chords. Ill play them in the cycle of 4ths.  I like using the cycle of fourths because it uses all 12 keys. after Ive completed the cycle ill then move on to a different chord family.  After I'm finished working on chords, ill then move on to playing scales with the cycle of 4ths, then its on to arpeggios.

Of course I'm assuming that you already know the cycle of 4ths.  If you don't know it, learn it.  Its only 12 notes that repeat themselves.  For that matter music in general only has 12 notes so don't let the system intimidate you. 

I highly recommend that you memorize the cycle of 4ths,  it is one of the most useful things you will learn in music.